Player Registration

To ensure that players are fully registered and insured with the club and that they are in agreement with with the rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19 there are a number of steps which need to take place.

  1. The player or guardian must read the documentation linked below prior to sign up to ensure that they are in agreement with the rules and regulations in place surrounding the game, it’s risks and Covid-19.

2. Sign up to the club registration form to be come a member here

3. Sign up to the England Hockey Consent Covid form here

4. Download the Teamo app and link yourself or your child to the relevant team. It is essential that for every club event whether it be a game or a training session that the player must confirm their attendance as early as possible and within 3 hours of the event click to check in and confirm that they do not have any Covid-19 symptoms.

5. Ensure a payment plan is in place, details can be found here.

6. Prior to playing any games the player must be registered with the relevant league. It is the responsibility of the team captain to advise the club secretary in good time of the requirement for registration.